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O'Flynn Estate Agents Leicestershire - 5 Tips for creating an outdoor living space.

If you are a casual or more than casual user of instagram, you may have noticed over the last few years that there is a trend for people to showcase the outside of their home, almost as much or more than the inside. Businesses to have popped up in recent years to offer the outdoor living accessories that several years ago, none of us would have thought about. Having an outdoor kitchens or a pizza oven, seem to be becoming more mainstream. Here at O'Flynn estate agents Leicestershire, we get to see a lot of gardens, and there is no doubt that whilst having a nice garden in terms of planting, lawn etc is lovely to see, having what people would term as an 'outside living space' is becoming more and more of a draw. This raises the question as to how you can go from garden to outdoor living space. This weeks blog gives you 5 tips to consider and implement when creating an area that truly extends living space, from your home.

Garden Structures & Summerhouses - Garden structures such as gazebos or pergolas over a decked or paved patio offer a great focal area of the garden and can offer a fabulous space to entertain outdoors or to simply sit and relax. These are more cost effective methods but what is becoming increasing popular (certainly since lockdown), are more permanent out-buildings offering power, lighting, insulation and double glazing. These are often used home offices, gyms, games/hobby rooms or even bars. The costs of some of these garden rooms can be in the tens of thousands of pounds but can add value to your home and these are now becoming more popular on buyers 'wish lists' when searching for a property. Note that if you are thinking of creating an out-building, it's important to ensure that checks are made to see whether planning is required and if not, they do not exceed size, height or boundary restrictions.

Water – Adding the soothing sound of running water to your outdoor living space can be a relatively cheap and easy thing to achieve. The key here is to place it where you and others in the future, will get the greatest benefit from it. In other words, having it near enough to a seating area to maximise the sound. Self-contained, mobile water features that have pumps are commonplace now, but keep in mind when planning that you will need a power source, unless you are going for a solar powered option.

Fire – Fire pits are usable all year round and give you the option of using the outdoor space in winter when otherwise you may not consider venturing out on an evening. This is another option to extend the living space of your home outside, creating a lifestyle vision that can be achieved with very little money. They are also easy to clean and transportable. They give you more social options as well, by inviting friends over for a fire. Stacking wood near them also can be visually appealing if done correctly.

Lighting – Placing lights near or around your outdoor living space really creates an atmosphere. Again, they are useful all year round, and add to the outside living vision you are looking to create. Place some festoons above a hammock, put lights near your water feature or place them underneath a series of shrubs or trees for a real wow factor that will impress potential buyers.

Outdoor cooking – Having an outdoor kitchen is really of the moment, and not something you would have seen years ago, but there is no doubt that creating an area to prepare and serve food is something that is becoming more attractive to potential buyers. BBQs are the staple of this area, with smokers, pizza ovens and grills also becoming something that are highlighted on platforms such as TikTok. Outdoor bar areas, a place to create and serve drinks are also something to consider. Ensure you use weatherproof materials and think long term about the area.

There are hundreds of sites online to help you turn your outdoor living vision into a reality, with Instagram being a great place to start. As always if you’re in the market to sell or if you’re looking for a valuation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at O’Flynn Estate Agents.

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