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O'Flynn Estate Agents Leicestershire - When is the best day and time of year to move house?

Compare My Move did an interesting piece earlier in the year where they did an analysis of their data. They found that the UK's most popular day to move is Friday, with Sunday being the cheapest day to move.

This does connect with my experience in that Friday tends to be one of the most commonly requested days for moving. The weekend that follows gives people the opportunity to unpack and get settled without having to take annual leave. Their data found however that Tuesday was the most expensive day of the week to move.

Sunday is a day that I have rarely come across when people want to move, regardless of the costs supposedly being lower.

The key data points from their analysis (of their own data) can be seen below.

When is the best time to sell your house?

March accord to Rightmove is the best month of the year to sell a home. Springtime is traditionally known as a very busy time for both those looking to sell, and buy. After the cold winter months, spring is seen as a time of new beginnings and opportunities. March is often when we see the most amount of new listings.

After March, April and May are the second and third best months to sell.

In the east midlands data suggests that the buyers favourite month to move is July.

What is the worst time to sell your house?

August is often seen traditionally as holiday time, a period were people forget their troubles and head off for some down time. To this end August is often seen as a time not to embark upon stressful encounters.

December is the Christmas period of course, which runs into the new year celebrations of January. As it is a time for new beginnings, people do think about house moves but often would not 'pull the trigger', so research is popular at this time of year, but no so much the final stages of selling or buying.

How long does it take to sell a property?

This is an interesting one, and of course the answer in my experience is 'it depends'. If you have a pro active, interested and supportive agent then you will be well placed to succeed. If it is a priority for you and you are willing to respond to feedback from the market, then this again is another plus.

According to Compare my Move it can take anywhere between 2 to 6 months, but the circumstances of the seller and the buyer will play into this of course.

What type of property sells at different times of the year?

Some types of property sell better at different times of year. There are certain properties that are always in demand, say for example the semi/detached family home. Terrace homes and small flats often sell better coinciding with the start of university term times.

The below from Compare My Move gives an overview of the best time of the year to sell, based on their data:

1, 2 bed flats and terrace homes = January, February and September

3 to 4 bed houses = Outside of any school holiday

Bungalows = June to September

Selling a home outside the parameters of the peak season?

You need to pay attention to your personal set of circumstances rather than the data points, and if you have to move, you need to engage and start the process. If it is out of the key season, there will be less competition, which means more eyes on your property potentially. There will be many people looking to buy still and another positive could be the responsiveness you can receive from solicitors and conveyance companies, who may not be at full capacity.

I found this article interesting to research, and to compare against my own experience. I hope you got some interest from it as well.

If I can help you with any aspect of the moving process, as always feel free to get in touch.

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